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Workers’ Compensation

ACME appreciates the need for flexibility due to market conditions as well as the sensitive and political nature that may exist within an organization. Whether your program is traditionally insured, self-insured, un-bundled or self-insured retention, ACME will customize your workers’ compensation program to meet your needs. ACME understands and promises to be flexible, approach claim decisions creatively, and legally while benefiting the employer and employee.


Managed Care

ACME offers medical bill review, utilization review, and Medical Provider Networks. In addition, we have developed strategic alliances with various Managed Care Companies

Medical Bill Review

All medical bills are reviewed for reasonableness, accuracy and compliance with the current California Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS). Contracting PPO providers are identified and the medical bills are re-priced according to contract rates. Reductions are between 35%-80%, averaging 58%.

Utilization Review

All employers are required to have a UR plan filed with the Division of Workers’ Compensation administrative director as governed by Labor Code section 4610 and regulations written by the CA Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC), which lay out timeframes and other rules for conducting UR.

Program Criteria/Components:

  • Application of California’s evidence-based, Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) for all approvals and modifications / denials
  • Turn-around times consistently above California guidelines
  • Prospective, Concurrent and Retrospective reviews
  • Pharmacy / Drug utilization reviews

Medical Provider Network

California Senate Bill 899 allows employers to require their employees to use a Medical Provider Network (MPN). We have developed strategic alliances with various organizations who offer Medical Provider Network (MPN) programs which includes an exclusive, specialized network of quality medical providers experienced in Workers Compensation.

The MPN network is based on providers who offer quality medical care and have the ability to write quality and ratable medical reports. The MPN can easily integrate into our managed care programs, including bill review, utilization review and nurse case management.